Who are we?

Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm. Not only is it capable of being used in multiple aspects of your life but you don’t need to carry it around either. Cryptocurrencies have helped millions of people earn profits, but until a couple of years ago the only way to earn such profits was either by normal trading and mining.

While many want to learn or invest in cryptocurrencies, they decide not to do so assuming that it is difficult. Like most investing or money-related topics, cryptocurrency is not easy to understand. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to understand and deal with it. There are many resources online which talk extensively about everything cryptocurrency.

At Pheeva, we want to do our bit in contributing to the cryptosphere. As a group of crypto enthusiasts, we completely understand the difficulties one faces while getting started with cryptocurrencies. We faced the exact same questions a few years back when we got started. This is why we have written guides on various topics which will help you through the ‘getting started’ phase.

Why Trust us?

Why should you choose us for cyrpto related information? The answer is simple, we went through similar questions/ confusion when we started out. We did hours of research, tested a lot of exchanges/ platforms and trading bots. Instead of keeping the information to ourselves, we decided to make in-depth guides on each of those topics.

Every article published here is made available only after we have tested the platform extensively. If we list the exchanges to buy bitcoin, then each of those exchanges has been tested by us. If not, we would have researched for other reviews online before adding them on our guides.

What’s the Process we Follow?

The process we follow is simple and straight forward and it is important that you are aware of the same, our aim is to be transparent and lay out all the information. For every article we write, we start by researching for information and collate the data related to the topic.

If we are writing about exchanges, we try our best to register and try each of the exchanges. We put ourselves in your shoes and then replicate the buying process, this ensures that our articles have information which you can rely on. In case of bots and other trading platforms, we do our best to try the bots for a specified duration of time before putting out reviews on them.

In case we cannot test a particular platform or an exchange, we research in-depth about them before adding them in our articles.

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 Pheeva.com may earn commissions when you click on softwares/ platforms recommended in the articles. However, that in no way influences our review and ranking process. It is based on data and only done after extensive research.