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Pheeva Fill

NEED MORE BITCOIN? Pheeva FIll allows our users to purchase bitcoin gift cards directly within their Pheeva wallet. We’ve partnered with vendors to provide Pheeva wallet users access to bitcoin gift card services. Not only can you buy the gift cards, but you can redeem directly within the wallet.

Coming Soon!

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Pheeva Plus

The Plus Add-vantage

Pheeva Plus adds value to our critically acclaimed wallet offering through partnering with some of the largest brands in and out of the cryptocurrency space. Pheeva plus means more opportunities for you, and more ways to enjoy the freedom of using bitcoin.

Pheeva Wallet send screen + Gyft = Easy!

Pheeva + Gyft marks the first time bitcoin users can seamlessly buy digital gift cards, to over 200 brands, directly within a bitcoin wallet. Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Send Bitcoins easily with Coin !Ds!

Increased Shareability™

With the Pheeva wallet you can use Coin!Ds to send Bitcoin. Coin!Ds allow users to easily set up and send virtual currency with very little effort.

Podcast and Print Campaign Friendly

Coin!Ds make it easy to remember, to share and recieve payments without having to give someone your enormous bitcoin address! You can even say it over-the-air to your very popular podcast audience. Or use it in your next non-profit campaign.

Pheeva Wallet send screen

Addtional Features

Pheeva Wallet on phone

Dedicated Hot Wallet

Think of the Pheeva Wallet as your go to everyday wallet for small bitcoin transactions.

Simple Interface

A simple to the point user interface, that even Grandma can understand.

Client-side Wallet Generation

Your wallet is generated on your device. Only your encrypted wallet is stored for back up and restoration purposes.

Musketeer Unity

Share in the overall success of the network. All for one! One for all!

Wallet Security

Pin Lock

On every exit of the app the pin lock secures your wallet keeping unauthorized users out.

Pheeva Wallet pin screen.


Your wallet is protected using AES-256 encryption. This encryption takes place before we even store it on our servers. We don't even have access to your account!