Q. Where can I download the iOS wallet?
A. Register on the home page or on the COG site in the top sections.

Q. Where can I get the Google Chrome wallet?
A. Pheeva Google Chrome download.

Q. How do I get a bitcoin address?
A. Once you register as a member a bitcoin address will be generated for your given Coin!d.

Q. I have downloaded the Android Pheeva wallet, how do I log in?
A. You still need to register on the home page or on the COG site in the top sections in order to use the mobile wallet.

Q. How do I update my iOS wallet?
A. To update your wallet login to the membership dashboard using your COG membership credentials while on your iOS device and click the iOS link to update your application.

Q. In the app what does BTC and mBTC mean?
A. BTC stands for units in Bitcoin, and mBTC stands for units in milliBitcoin.

Q. What are Coin!Ds?
A. Coin!Ds are the human-readable name for bitcoin payments with in the Love Will network.  They eliminate the need for the long Bitcoin address when dealing with individuals within the Love Will network.

Q. Can I use Coin!Ds outside of the Love Will network of applications?
A. Not yet! Coin!ds provide a convenience for COG members and are not generally distributed for outside use. Stay tuned.

Q. What are the benefits of being a member?
A. Each member will receive a custom coin!d and have access to all membership applications, along with the ability to vote on matters concerning the direction of the cooperative. Members will also earn patronage points and receive patronage refunds.

Q. When does my trial membership end?
A. The initial membership was going to be a paid membership, but we have allowed for early users to have a free membership.

If you have questions that you would like answered submit them at hello@pheeva.com.