“The Bitcoin troll


The Pheeva Wallet is a dedicated hot wallet for everyday Bitcoin transactions. See below how the Pheeva wallet silences bitcoin trolls. REGISTER NOW & GET STARTED! Play the Troll Video

The Pheeva Bitcoin Wallet puts trolls in their place

You can't buy anything with bitcoin

Troll, Please! With Pheeva + Gyft you have direct access, to over 200 brands, within our bitcoin wallet. Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Credit cards are better for online transactions

Not so fast troll. Our Google Chrome extension allows users to shop and transact immediately by auto scanning all bitcoin addresses on any given page, making purchases and transactions only a matter of a few clicks.

If you lose your phone your bitcoin is lost

Not with Pheeva. Our Coin!D system allows you to log in through our Chrome extension, an Android device, or any iOS device.

What is bitcoin anyway?

Bitcoin is a new form of currency that is created and held electronically. Think of it as cash for the internet.

Bitcoin is too difficult to use

With the Pheeva wallet you can use Coin!Ds to send Bitcoin. Coin!Ds make it easy to remember, to share and recieve payments without having to give someone your enormous bitcoin address! You can even say it over-the-air to your very popular podcast audience. Or use it in your next non-profit campaign.

There's no security in bitcoin

Bitcoin applies the principles of cryptography via mathematical algorithms to provide advanced security features. In addition the Pheeva wallet adds extra security through a pin lock on your wallet and client-side encryption. In short, only you have access to your bitcoin.

Put the bitcoin trolls to silence by signing up for the Pheeva Wallet!

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Bitcoin troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/):

a person who sows discord by posting or saying inflammatory, or off-topic comments regarding Bitcoin.


With the Pheeva wallet you can use Coin!Ds to send Bitcoin. Coin!Ds allow users to easily set up and send virtual currency with very little effort.