BTC Robot Review 2022: The Most Comprehensive Review

Ever since the bitcoin saw an expotential increase in its price, everyone has been curious to try it as an investment option. Among the many, some are still sceptical about the rise and are hesitant to put their money in bitcoins. This is why we have seen an sudden increase in services offering automated trading bots. These bots make trading easy as everything is automated.

BTC robot is one such trading bot which claims to give 150% return on your investment. Let us put that claim to test in our comprehensive BTC Robor review.

What is the BTC Robot?

It is an automated software program that deals with the trading of Bitcoins on the cryptocurrency market. Basically, the robot buys Bitcoins at a low price and sells them at a higher price. The biggest advantage is that the market is monitored 24 hours a day that allows the robot to execute a trade based on its analysis.


To run the BTC Robot, the user will need to have a broker account with Metatrader4 and the software will be included in the MT4 broker package that the user installs. The installation process is quite simple and is operational both on Windows and IOS.


How does the BTC Robot work?

Here is a basic breakdown on how the BTC Robot functions-

  1. Analyses patterns in the Bitcoin market
  2. Calculates market depth
  3. Makes the choice to buy/sell at the right times
  4. Programmed to make the highest profit and lowest loss possible
  5. In the odd case that a mistake is made, the robot works towards rectifying it
  6. Can run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Since the robot eradicates the unpredictability that comes with any trading market, we can compare it to like playing a game of chess against the computer. It knows exactly what move to make next.

BTC Robot Review: Features of the Bot

Some the features of the BTC Robot are listed below –

  1. Easy to install – Just a few steps and the robot starts trading on its own.
  2. Low entry limit – As little as $100 dollars is required by the user to invest, though $500 is the recommended amount for good profits.
  3. Effective trading – In the event where numerous traders are making the same trade, the robot has a special stealth technology that separates the different traders that overloads the market liquidity.
  4. No transaction fees – There are no banks involved which cuts down on the regulation cost and bank holiday or not, the user makes a profit around the clock.
  5. Safe and secure – The robot doesn’t actually log in to your bank account, just the broker account where only cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) are traded. The robot does not have access to withdraw any money.
  6. No commissions – Unlike other services that charge 25-30% of profits as commissions, the BTC Robot is free and all the profits made are for the user to keep.

Does it REALLY work?

BTC Robot potential earningsThe BTC Robot claims to generate a total of $1500 a year on a $1000 investment which means a profit of 150%. These numbers are real tempting for a trader and with zero commissions; it’s just too good of an offer to pass. But the question is, can BTC Robot actually back up its claims?

There have been instances where people have showed proof of making profits and some where the BTC Robot has been labeled ‘a total scam’. The author of The Verge certainly thought of the latter and argued determinedly, albeit without any proof.

On Bitcointalk, the biggest Bitcoin forum currently, one member showed positive results though a heated discussion between other users, when proof of negative results was shown, ultimately resulted in lowering the robot’s reputation with bad customer service being one of the reasons.

Advantages of BTC Robot

  1. In cases where the market is less volatile, the robot can make a guaranteed profit, given it is set up right.
  2. Quite easy to set up with just a few steps required.
  3. 60-day money back guarantee means you can try out the product without any hesitation and see how it works out.

Disadvantages of BTC Robot

  1. The product hasn’t been accurately described on the main website.
  2. The customer service has not been the best

BTC Robot Pricing 

The BTC Robot offers 3 pricing plans –

  • Silver Plan (Single License on One MT4 Broker of your Choice): $19.99 per month
  • Gold Plan (Three Licenses on FxChoice, Tallinex, and One Other MT4 Broker of your Choice): $39.99 per month
  • Platinum Plan (Three Licenses for One Year on Any Three MT4 Brokers of your Choice): $399

The payment is processed through the ClickBetter Affiliate Network.


Cryptocurrency in Today’s World

The era we are living in has seen a lot of technological improvements and has shown no sign of stopping. We have seen a lot of new fields come up which has shown huge potential of being life-changing. Cryptocurrency is one such market that has taken the world completely by storm. No matter how much advancement the world goes through, the traditional longing of earning money will always persist and cryptocurrency is proving to be one of the popular means of generating digital wealth.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital form of cryptocurrency that has allowed transactions to happen rapidly as it eliminates the need for a third party like a bank. When Bitcoin was first introduced, it wasn’t even close to being as popular as it is now but over the years, it has risen from dirt to becoming a mammoth competitor for transactions. Bitcoin is a strong market and it isn’t surprising that new, innovative ways have started coming up for trading Bitcoins.

Brief Outline of Robots

Robots have been introduced in a number of fields with the primary purpose of completing tasks more efficiently and faster than humans. This is what a real-time solution is to trying out experiments for which the hunger to achieve is there but human limitations stand in the way. Robots are part of an unstoppable movement of technological advancement and it was only a matter of time that it has found its way in the cryptocurrency world as well.

Unlike stock markets, the cryptocurrency market never stops so the trading happens all the time. This is a very nerve-racking situation for the traders as even a small lapse in time can cause substantial profits or losses. This is where trading bots come into the picture. Given the volatility of the market, using these bots means they are always responsive and can make changes effectively at the right time, when it matters. The Bitcoin Robot is one such example.

BTC Robot Review: What Does This all Amount to?

It is common practice that when there is a method to make money with very little or no work involved, it usually means a red flag. Though in this case, the lack of transparency of the robot has resulted in people being very skeptical of the robot even when it has shown some positive results. It is an effective way to grow one’s money over a period of time but if one is looking to make enormous profits overnight, they may want to look the other way.

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