Everything you Need to Know About Pheeva TROLL Contest

Pheeva is the go-to resource for anything related to cryptocurrency trading. We also have a wallet which supports litecoin. With may other features and resources planned for 2020, we decided to run a fun contest called ‘Troll’. Thank you for always supporting us and now is the time to give it back.

What is the ‘Troll’ contest all about?

Trolls are everywhere on the internet, we are certain that the cryptocurrency community has enough trolls. We want you to identify potential trolls related to cryptocurrency and send it to us. The more trolls you introduce us with, more are your chances of winning. It could be senseless predictions without proper analysis or anything funny related to crypto. Remember, we do not want you to be a troller, you will have to identify such trolls and submit to us.

How to Participate in the Pheeva Troll Contest?

Participating in the contest is super easy, but please follow each of the mentioned steps below, failure to do so will lead to your submissions being deemed as invalid.

1. Follow the official pages of Pheeva on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Make an account on pheeva and then go to contest page. Apply for the contest and verify your participation with the code sent to you.

3. Start on your quest to find the trolls, you can choose to find them from facebook, twitter and Instagram. Submissions from other social media platforms will not be accepted.

4. Once you have found the troll post reply or re-tweet it by using ‘#pheevatroll’ hashtag.

5. All posts with the above Hashtag will be considered as a submission. Please note, wrong submissions will lead to lesser chances of winning.

How do we pick the Winner?

All users with the highest valid submissions will be grouped and our software will pick random winners. We will set up a threshold for the number of posts required to eligible for the inclusion in the lucky draw. We have the following prices and the amounts will be deposited in the pheeva wallets.

Winner 1 – $100 worth Litecoin

Winner 2 – $50 worth Litecoin

Winner 3 – $25 worth Litecoin